40 Popular House Names and their origins

Naming your home is no longer just reserved for those of us who own lofty mansions, grand halls, exquisite manors or majestic castles. Nowadays, even we mere peasants spend hours deliberating what to call our homes.  Nowadays it’s not just traditional popular house names, reflective of the local environment or a family name, that are used but whimsical and quirky names to reflect our personality are on the increase too.  One thing is for sure though: it isn’t something we should take too lightly.  Research carried out by Globrix in the UK, where they surveyed 4000 consumers, revealed that 40% of buyers would be more interested in viewing a property if it had a name.  However, although a moniker can make your property more desirable and add value, an ill-chosen name, albeit tongue in cheek, can also put buyers off.

So if you are looking for inspiration or want to check out what your house says about you then check out 40 of the most popular house names in the UK:

  1. Orchard House

Popular amongst literary fans as well as those of us lucky enough to have a home situated amongst a beautiful orchard.  Orchard House is the name of the long-standing Massachusetts home of the famous literary family, the Alcotts.  Louisa May Alcott, of ‘Little Women’ fame, returned to her home, Orchard House, to find inspiration to pen her famous American Classic celebrating the relationship of the four sisters, which was firmly based on her own childhood. Therefore the name, not only reflects beauty and heritage, but one of a loving, close-knit family.

Orchard House - slate house sign

  1. Meadow View

If you are lucky enough to have stunning views of meadows and countryside then this popular house name suggests the tranquillity and natural beauty surrounding your home.

  1. Rose Cottage

Giving the impression of an idyllic way of life. Far from the hustle and bustle of modern day life. Rose Cottage conjures up associations of a traditional English home set amongst beautiful rose bush gardens.

Rose Cottage - wood house sign

  1. The Hollies

Another name steeped in nature and reflective of being surrounded by Holly trees. Invoking an image of being tucked away in glorious countryside … unless of course you’re just a huge 1960s pop fan and wish your home to be named after your favourite band, The Hollies!

The Hollies - London white letterbox

  1. Oak Barn

Many converted barns are done so with the desire to keep as many original features as possible. In many cases the original frame of the barn would be built from solid oak, hence making it an obvious name choice for a converted barn.

Oak trees are arguably the most loved and well known species of tree as well as being the most common in Britain and are a symbol of strength and survival.  Seeing as they have to grow for 150 years before they can be used in construction, they embody history and tradition and create an image of a home built to last.

Oak Barn - granite house sign

  1. The Willows

Another name used by those of us lucky enough to be surrounded by nature.  The presence of a beautiful willow tree would make this name a popular choice.  However, it could be a favourite amongst literary fans too.

The Wind in the Willows, set in pastoral Edwardian England. It celebrates an idyllic rural way of life and could be used as inspiration for a country home.

The Willows - black letterbox

  1. School House

Lots of homes are conversions of buildings that were used for other purposes in the past.

Before the days of huge schools, with hundreds and thousands of students, children who were lucky enough to have an education were taught in school houses.

Nowadays, of course, these houses would be bursting at the seams with pupils, so most have been converted into residential dwellings.  If you are lucky enough to own a home with a history, then what better name can you give it than one that nods at its previous life.

School House - slate address house sign

  1. Sunnyside

What a pleasant, happy image this invokes.  Giving the impression of a wonderful, warm home.  That is of course, if we ignore the association with the ironically named nursery Woody and the gang are subjected to in Toy Story 3!

Sunnyside - slate house sign

  1. Springfield

Another name linked to nature and countryside, giving an idyllic, serene feel to your home. Possibly popular with people looking for a fresh start and a new life (hopefully without any comical mishaps caused by Bart Simpson and his family!)

Springfield - slate house sign

  1. Corner House

Pretty self-explanatory … if you live on a corner then this could be the name for you.

Corner House - granite house sign

  1. Highfield

Giving the impression of importance, sitting on the highest field overlooking the countryside. This popular house name has a feeling of grandeur.

Highfield - rustic slate house sign

  1. Old School

A less formal version of School House.

Old School - acrylic house sign

  1. Primrose Cottage

Representative of spring and often found growing wild in woodlands. Primroses create an impression of new life and represent the popular idyllic country atmosphere a lot of homeowners like.

Primrose Cottage - acrylic house sign

  1. The Mill House

Following in the footsteps of the high and mighty, tradesmen and workers decided to follow suit and start naming their homes. Traditionally using their trade as inspiration.  So if your home is a former Mill House then this is the perfect name to celebrate its history.

The Mill House - granite house sign

  1. The Old Rectory

Unless you are Vera Duckworth from Coronation Street, who named her 20th century terraced house this purely because it made her sound ‘posh’. This is best used by those of us that live in a converted rectory and wish to celebrate its origins.

The Old Rectory - slate house sign

  1. Yew Tree Cottage

Yew trees are admired for their unique and mysterious appearance. They have represented strength and history since the times of the Druids. They were seen as sacred by spiritual clans.  Thus making this a perfect name for a unique home as well as one built in the presence of a Yew Tree.

Yew Tree Cottage - rustic slate house sign

  1. The Old Vicarage

Another version of The Old Rectory and if your home used to be a vicarage then this is the perfect name.

The Old Vicarage - rustic slate house sign

  1. Oaklands

Giving the impression that your home is built amongst a land filled with oak trees.  It creates the impression of many acres and a beautiful view of majestic Oak Trees.

Oaklands - limestone house sign

  1. The Old Post Office

With post houses in many villages closing down, most former post offices are being converted into residential dwellings. What better name than one that makes tribute to its former life?

The Old Post Office - granite house sign

  1. Lilac Cottage

As well as being named after the plant that may be grown in the gardens of such a named cottage. Lilac has associations with peace and serenity and has a spiritual feel due to the colour being connotative of the misty area between the sky and heaven.

Lilac Cottage - newspaper box

  1. Honeysuckle

The honeysuckle flower originates from China but represents eternal love.  In Art, a Baroque painting called the Honeysuckle Bower painted by Paul Rubens in the 1600s. He honoured his marriage to Isabella Brant and the painting depicts the couple sitting in a bower surrounded by Honeysuckle as a symbol of undying love.

Honeysuckle - wood house sign

  1. Hillside

Pretty self-explanatory.  If your home sits at the side of a hill then this name could be perfect for it.

Hillside - limestone house sign

  1. Treetops

This creates a simple, rustic, natural feel about your home. It suggests the luxury of living amongst the trees.

Treetops - granite house sign

  1. Woodside

Again, this creates the feel of a natural, simplistic way of life surrounded by nature and most probably at the side of a wood.

  1. Ivy House

Ivy, being an evergreen plant, represents eternity, fidelity, and a strong affectionate attachment, such as wedded love and friendship. The image of a house covered in ivy, conjures up thoughts of beautiful manors and halls with character and history

Ivy House - granite house sign

  1. White House

Unless situated in Washington, this name purely alludes to the colour of one’s home.  However, the associations with the American home of the President also gives this name an air of importance.

White House - aluminium house sign

  1. Lakeside

Suggests your home has beautiful views over a lake and creates the impression of an airy, open home in peaceful surroundings.

Lakeside - saturn letterbox

  1. Stables

Popular with horse lovers and those who actually have stables or even a building that used to be stables but has been converted to a residential dwelling.

Stablesl - oak house sign

  1. Toad Hall

With definite links to ‘The Wind in the Willows’, and ‘Toad of Toad Hall’. This suggests a home of grand proportions and importance, as well as a love of literature.

Toad Hall - ecostone house sign

  1. The Barn

With the loss of many farms, converting barns into homes has become quite a trend. This name simply states its former use.

The Barn - rustic slate house sign

  1. Haven

Meaning a place of safety or sanctuary. Haven is a popular name for a home as it suggests a calm, peaceful abode, where you can hide away from the stresses of the outside world.

Haven - aluminium house sign

  1. Fairview

If you are lucky enough to have a home overlooking beautiful views then Fairview is an appropriate, albeit rather modest, name for your home.

  1. Laurels

Laurels, referring to the leaves of bay trees, are seen as a symbol of victory and honour after wreaths of laurels were presented to winners in the Pythian Games. The games were held at Delphi in honour of Apollo, the Greek God who made himself a laurel wreath after his true love, Daphne turned into a bay tree.

  1. Thornfield

A surprising entry on the 40 most popular house names list at first glance. As a field of thorns hardly conjures up an image of a comfortable, welcoming home. However, its popularity may be thanks to Charlotte Bronte. Thornfield is one of Mr Rochester’s residences in said novel.

  1. Firs

A popular name for a home set amongst or overlooking a forest of fir trees.

  1. Nook

Popular for smaller houses. It creates the impression of a small but cosy home tucked away from the world’s hustle and bustle.

  1. Clarence

Creates a regal and stately impression. As homes called this share their name with the royal residence that has been the official residence for Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry.

  1. Beeches

As with houses with Oak, Fir, Yew etc in their name. Beeches is more than likely used by home owners who are situated alongside a magnificent beech tree.

  1. Highclere

Named after the castle that is known as ‘the real Downtown Abbey’. This house name has become very popular since the popular period drama aired on our television sets.

  1. Gables

Traditionally, this house name is based on the style of roof the home. It could also be popular due to its association with the novel Anne of Green Gables.

40 Popular House Names and their origins. Take a look at our full range of house signs  HERE