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Motifs & Images

At The House Nameplate Company we are keen to offer a wide and varied choice of images (motifs) for use on your house sign. We continually endeavour to extend our range of images that we can use on your house sign. There are certain limitations on some of our materials. For example, brass house signs have a smaller range than acrylic signs due to the prohibitive expense of brass casting.

This is a small selection of the images we have within our house sign design and preview system. To design you own sign, please click on your chosen sign and select PERSONALISE.

Dog motifs for house signs

Airedale dog image for house sign Airedale dog   Bulldog image for house signBulldog   Greyhound image for house sign Greyhound   Husky image for house sign Husky  Scotty dog image for house sign ScottySpaniel dog image for house signSpaniel   Staffordshire terrier image for house sign Staffordshire   

Cat motifs for house signs

Walking cat image for house signs Walking cat   

Horse images for house signs

Horse standing image for house sign HorseJumping horseJumping horse  Horse and riderHorse and rider  Half horse imageHalf horse image  Horse jumping imageHorse jumping image

Bird images for house signs

Budgie Budgie DoveDove  

Other animal images for house signs

Stag motif for house signStag guinea pig image for house signguinea pigSheep image for house signsSheep Rabbit image for house signsRabbit  Sheep motif for house signsSheep 2 Stag's head image for house signsStag's Head    

Images of buildings for house signs

Church 1Church 1  Church 2Church 2  Church 3Church 3 Church 4Church 4  Church 5Church 5  

National symbols for house signs

English rose on house signEnglish rose on house sign  Irish shamrock for house signIrish shamrock for house sign  Welsh dragon image for house signsWelsh dragon image for house signs Scottish thistle image for house signsScottish thistle image for house signs  

Vehicle images for house signs

Tractor image for house signsTractor image for house signs

Vehicle images for house signs

Emblems for house signsEmblem 1  Emblem 2Emblem 2  Emblem 3Emblem 3  Heart motif for house signsHeart motif for house signs