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Aluminium Rectangle House Sign 30.5 x 6.5cm - polished

For a long lasting shine, and a glossy finish, choose this elongated rectangular house sign for your property. With a brilliant shine, and a polished finish, you cannot go wrong with this stunning sign.
All of our aluminium house signs are traditionally sand cast. The beauty of aluminium is that it is very light, very strong and will last for years.
All of our aluminium house signs come with a number of options to personalise including changing the colour of the plate.
Every individual plate is hand painted by our skilled craftsmen and buffed and polished to finish. 
This product measures at approximately 12 by 2.5 inches.
- Sand casted aluminium nameplate
- Light, strong and durable material
- High quality, and beautifully hand painted by our skilled craftsmen
- A number of background colours to choose
- Water and UV resistant, making it long lasting
- Hand finished with polish to bring out the shine
- Handmade and delivered to you in 3 – 4 weeks

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Size: 30.5 x 6.5cm. Handmade and delivered to you in 3-4 weeks. See how they are made here.

Extra information:

Every piece is finished with a layer of polish to bring out the high quality shine.
Once you have your sign, occasional cleaning will be required, avoid abrasive chemicals, and simply use a cloth to buff the shine.

Why they take 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Each aluminium name plate undergoes the same process from start to finish.
The signs are sand cast by hand which is why some graininess can be seen. A reflection of the hand crafted piece.  They are then sprayed with a powder coating, once the coating has been applied, the lettering and edging are wiped clean to reveal the original aluminium layer.  They are then baked in a kiln. Once the paint has dried, the signs are taken to be painted by our skilled craftsmen and women. Each one is painted by hand and every small detail is attended to.


Here is a video guide showing how to fit your house sign.

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