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Brass Rope Rim Oval House Sign 19 x 14cm

If you prefer elegant decoration and sheer brilliance, then this product is definitely for you.
The rope rim design on this beautiful, oval product brings out the skilled artistry associated with such a classic casting process.
This product stands at approximately 7.5 by 5.5 inches, and would be a lovely addition to any home. Not suitable for coastal areas.
If you are ready to proceed, simply click “personalise” and follow the on screen instructions.
This sign will fit upto 8 letters/spaces on each of 2 lines plus a number or motif. All letters will be in capitals.

  - High quality, beautiful, hand painted, brass name plate.

  - A range of infill colours are available.
  -  Hand finished with polish to bring out the shine.
  - Handmade and delivered to you in 3 – 4 weeks

Size: 19 x 14cm.

See how they are made here.

In stock
Brass Rope Rim Oval House Sign 19 x 14cm Extra information: Your brass house sign will be polished and will require some cleaning periodically. A standard brass cleaner will do the trick. For a shine that lasts between cleaning, coat the plate in Vaseline. This will not affect the appearance of your sign. If you notice the brass looks grainy, don’t worry, this is normal as this is a hand crafted piece. Why it takes 3/4 weeks. These signs are hand crafted from start to finish. Our skilled craftsmen here at the house nameplate company take special care with every product to ensure highest quality every time. Each piece is carefully laid out, and hand painted. Each layer of paint takes around 1 week to dry. Simply fix it to an outside wall or sturdy structure using the fittings provided, and if you get stuck see our handy “How to” video included in the extended description below. How to fix your sign to any structure: - Our craftsmen will drill 2 or 4 holes (depending on the size of the product) through the slate. - Measure and drill using a 6mm masonry drill bit to the size required and insert the rawl plugs provided. - Using the screws provided, fix the slate piece securely to the wall, and use fix the dome caps to the screws To achieve best results, you will need: - 6mm masonry drill bit, tape measure, spirit level. See how they are made here.

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