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  1. 10 House Names inspired by Literature

    10 House Names inspired by Literature
    10 House Names inspired by Literature Why compose a list of 10 house names inspired by literature?  Well naming your house can be quite an overwhelming task with so many names and ideas to choose from.  Your home is more than just a number so choosing a charming, cute or catchy house name  can make your property more appealing to future buyers...
  2. Naming a new build House?

    Naming a new build House?
    Are you thinking of naming a new build house? Well look no further for inspiration.  Personalising your home and naming a new build house is relatively easy but do check with your local authority if there are any requirements you need to adhere to.
  3. Modern house number plaques

    Modern house number plaques Modern house number plaques. Firstly, designs of house signs have remained fairly traditional for many years. The typical sign using a typeface such as Time New Roman, or Gill Sans or perhaps Helvetica. These signs were traditionally painted in black, white and for the very racy - gold or silver. However, times are changing and modern...
  4. House signs - a guide to buying

    House signs With almost unlimited choices available, shopping for a house sign can get a little confusing. With this in mind, we have put together this little guide to help you choose a sign that is perfect for you and your home. Choosing the style of house sign that's right for your home The first thing to consider is what is your style...

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